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Construction Products Regulations (CPR)


  • From July 2013, CE MARKING of construction products covered by harmonised European Standards is mandatory.
  • Manufacturers, importers and distributors have new obligations and responsibilities when placing a construction product on the market.
  • Designers, specifiers and builders must be aware and understand the new requirements on construction products. 


The EU Construction Products Regulation (No.305/2011 – CPR) lays down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products and is directly applicable in its entirety in Irish law.  It is therefore essential that all parties to the construction product supply chain learn and understand its requirements. 


The general objectives and main instruments of the Construction Products Directive (CPD) have not changed in the CPR.  The CPD, as an internal market Directive, aims to overcome the technical barriers to trade which arise where different countries in Europe have different standards, testing and labelling approaches for the same construction products.  The CPR shares this goal and is intended to clarify, simplify and improve the credibility of the system.  The CPR will continue to use the instruments developed for the CPD, but introduces stricter and more transparent procedures and amends some of the terminology in order to be more precise. 

The four key instruments are:

  • A system of harmonised technical specifications
  • An agreed system of Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance as above
  • A framework of notified bodies
  • The CE Marking label

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